Monday, November 21

all i want for christmas is you.

we like christmas music in our house.
if you do too. and are seeking for the pure christmas sparkle. melt like butter on toast kind.
then you should probably purchase the new michael buble christmas album.

his voice is seriously made for christmas songs.

and all though im not a fan.
i guess the justin bieber christmas album is a good one to.
but im only saying that cause i love my sissy-poo's too much!

- Lexxx

Monday, August 22

the lovesick.

jason reeves.
i recommend all his music.
including that new album of his.

Tuesday, August 2

baby it's cold outside.

new favorite show? the glee project. i was too sad when cameron quite. he was beyond cute. my absolute favorite was pairability week. him and lindsay doing 'baby its cold outside?' he couldn't of been more charming. everything about the video gives me butterflies.


Sunday, July 10

Saturday, July 9

adele each day, keeps the doctor away.

i decided that i'm going to post an adele video/song every day. 
because i'm convinced that her latest album was inspired by my life.
i feel that way especially these days.
so every day for the next...oh week or so, whatever song of hers reflects my mood the most will be posted.

sorry to start off with such a gloomy one, but i couldn't help my self.
this song = my life. at least for the time being.

enjoy yourselves.

also, try not to cry too many tears while listening.

- hh

Monday, June 6

15 things you wish you knew about us.

the oldest (and coolest) gets to go first--

1. i am currently the only human being that has never eaten a pickle.
2. i wish that australia was my homeland.
3. my eyes are NOT brown. they may look it. but don't be fooled.
4. i dont like to dance; my body does not have one ounce of rhythm.
5. i think i have a medical condition called boycraziness.
6. justin bieber is currently my music of choice. don't judge.
7. i would rather hang out with my sisters & momma than any of my friends.
8. i'm easily excited by the sight of red nail polish.
9. i have a crush on a boy with a girl's name.
10. i prefer my dessert first.
11. i wish, more than anything, that i could have been alive in the 1940's.
12. my favorite thing to spend my money on is cute underpants.
13. someday i would like to own a horse. or two.
14. all things weddings = obsession.
15. hate hate hate when people chomp and slurp while they eat.


1.  i have a great relationship with my father in heaven.
2. i love the autumn times.
3. i secretly wish i could win american idol.
4. i have a lady crush on taylor swift.
5. i enjoy having my lips smothered in red lipstick.
6. and my nails greatly polished.
7. i think it would be great if i could marry a cowboy.
8. and live on a horse ranch.
9. but it would be greater to one day fall in love.
10. i blog often.